15 september 2004 (meta)
Just a quick note to let you know that I've not gone away completely. Over the past two months, I've enjoyed the final part of the dutch summer, and I am working on a new project tha attempts to get the "normal" MetaPost developments back on track: See here

22 juli 2004 (programming)
Today, my private MetaMP program (0.11) successfully created its very first PS file (using the `' macros). I am now confident that I can release an alpha version of libMPost somewhere next week.

20 juli 2004 (website)
Extra information on the libMPost page added.

15 juli 2004 (website)
Some updates, esp. to this page. Added the link to METATeX macro package on top of the page.

14 juli 2004 (meta)
pre-announcement sent out to various other mailing lists

13 juli 2004 (programming)
At the moment, I am working on an initial libMPost.

13 juli 2004 (website)
Created the initial web pages today. Much more work needed in the coming days.

13 juli 2004 (meta)
We have a mailinglist now.


The PDF of my paper for the dutch language user group journal (Maps 30) is available (in dutch, sorry).


There are alpha downloads available for the CXTeX portion from the TeX module page.


mailing list

The project has it's own mailing list, kindly hosted at the NTG website. You can subscribe or alter your subscription from the Info page. The archive lives here


For remarks on the website, you can e-mail the webmaster.
For all other questions, use