MetaTeX / libMPost

libMPost is part of MetaTeX


libMPost is an extensible, thread-safe, C library that implements a graphics language based on the MetaPost language.

The library comes with an example program called MetaMP, which uses a command-line nearly identical to the mpost program as found in Web2c.

MetaMP program notes

The executable metamp is a lot like the Web2c mpost program, but not exactly identical. Some differences stem from differences between libMPost and MetaPost, others are implementation differences (MetaMP is not based on Web2c).

Current status

The project source is in CVS at sarovar. The status is best described as 'pre-alpha': it compiles, but does not do any useful stuff.

After almost two months of work, quite a lot of the coding that needed doing is done already: the pascal Web code is converted to ansi C, all global variables have become incorporated in a single MetaPost instance, a namespace prefix has been added to all exported symbols, a number of I/O callbacks are in place, and program startup has been changed to be more like a 'normal' C library.

Main focus right now is removing enough bugs so that simple input files can be run without any problems. I estimate that this will take another couple of weeks.